Géraldine Rod

240 hours, 48 lives – surgical chronicles in Abomey

A Géraldine Rod movie


Since 35 years, the Department of children and teenager surgery of the CHUV works with the hospital of Zou and Collines in Benin and Terres des hommes to deal with western African children.

With: Oumama El Ezzi,  Fabrice Houessou, Anthony de Buys Roessingh, Mirko Dolci, Raymond F. Bossou, Christelle Jung, Martin Broome, Mellie Huguenin-Dezot

Directing: Géraldine Rod
Coordination: Céline Vicario
Camera: Philippe Gétaz
Editing: Félix Sandri et Nalia Giovanoli
Mix: Anthony Touzalin
Graphics: Pierre-Antoine Dubois
Music research: Fred Bernard
Production: Commission humanitaire – CHUV