Germinal Roaux


by Germinal Roaux

February 2018

Fortuna, a young Ethiopian teenage girl, has had no news of her parents since arriving in Lampedusa, Italy. Together with other refugees, she is given shelter for the winter in a Swiss catholic hospice at an altitude of over 2000 meters. While they wait for their fate to be decided by the Swiss authorities, Fortuna meets Kabir, a 26-year-old African refugee, and falls desperately in love. Their relationship develops in secret, till the day Kabir disappears.

Directed by: Germinal Roaux 

World Premiere: February 2018
Original Version: French/Amharic (german/french/english subtitles), b/w, DCP, 106 min.

Production: VEGA Production, Need Productions, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse, Proximus
Producer: Ruth Waldburger, Anne-Laure Guégan
Executive Producer: Jean-Marie Gindraux

Cinematography: Colin Levêque
Editing: Sophie Vercruysse, Jacques Comets 
Assistant editor: 
Félix Sandri
Location Sound Mix: 
Jürg Lempen, David Lipka
Sound Editing: 
Emmanuel Soland
Rerecording Sound Mix: 
Roman Dymny
Art Direction: 
Ivan Niclass
Special Effects: 
Yann Blondel, Patrick Lindenmaier
Emilien Faroudjia
Geneviève Maulini
Muriel Imbach