Fulvio Bernasconi




by Fulvio Bernasconi

Switzerland / Canada / Monaco / France, September 2016

Thomas, a Swiss policeman adrift , lives within the Aboriginal community in Northern Canada. When a child from the reserve is hit by a reckless driver, he promises to find the drunk driver and make him apologize to the mother. This quest will bring back the darkest memories of his own past.

Directed by: Fulvio Bernasconi
Written by: Antoine Jaccoud, Fulvio Bernasconi (based on an original idea by Pierre-Pascal Rossi)

World Premiere: September 2016
Original Version: French, colour, DCP, 90 min.

Production: PointProd SA, 1976 Productions Inc., Dolce Vita Films, KNM, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse
Producer: Nicolas Comeau , Jean-Marc Fröhle, Michel Merkt
Executive Producer: Jean-Marc Fröhle

Cinematography: Filip Zumbrunn
Editing: Claudio Cea – Assistant editor: Félix Sandri
Location Sound Mix: Christophe Giovannoni
Sound Editing: François Musy, Gabriel Hafner
Sound Design: François Musy, Gabriel Hafner
Rerecording Sound Mix: François Musy, Gabriel Hafner
Music: Nicolas Rabaeus
Art Direction: Mathieu Caron
Special Effects: Dorian Winnicki, Nicolas Barbieu, Aristide Antoine, Mick Hungerer, Hugo Batonnet
Lighting: Peter Demmer
Costumes: Marjollayne Desrosiers
Casting: Marjolaine Lachance, Aurélie Guichard