Félix Sandri

Narkasur With a Message: Don’t Litter!


Video by Félix Sandri, for Video Volunteers.

On the eve of Diwali, the people of Goa celebrate the victory of Lord Krishna over the demon king, Narkasur. Effigies of the demon Narkasur are paraded on the streets before being burnt, marking the commencement of the festival of light and end of evil and darkness.

This Narkasur, Vishal Rawlley worked with the children of Camrabhat slums to celebrate Narkasur with a message to rid Goa of her garbage woes.

The Narkasur project is part of a citizen-led initiative, Red Boat Goa, a mission to connect people to recognise and maintain the rich biodiversity of Goa’s backwaters. Vishal and several citizens have initiated multiple projects to engage citizens in caring for their own neighbourhoods.