Mélanie Laurent

The Adopted


Lisa and her adopted sister Marine are inseparable. With Lisa’s mother, Millie, they’ve forged a deep bond and offer security to Lisa’s son. When Marine falls in love the family is thrown off balance and before they can catch their breath, tragedy strikes and the family must realign so they can turn loss into hope and love.

Opens: In France (November 23)

Production companies: Move Movie, StudioCanal, TF1 Films Production, Rhone-Alpes Cinema
Cast: Melanie Laurent, Denis Menochet, Marie Denarnaud, Clementine Celarie, Audrey Lamy, Theodore Maquet-Foucher
Director: Melanie Laurent
Screenwriters: Melanie Laurent, Morgan Perez, Chris Deslandes
Producer: Bruno Levy
Director of photography: Arnaud Potier
Production designer: Stanislas Reydellet
Music: Jonathan Morali (Syd Matters)
Costume designers: Maira Ramedhan Levi
Editor: Guerric Catala
Assistant Editor: Félix Sandri
Sales Agent: StudioCanal
No rating, 100 minutes.