Feature-length documentary

Editing is where the film gets made. It’s fascinating the idea of building a virtual world for your audience. The process is long, laborious, solitary and often confusing, but the moment you are watching the film after its completion with the audience and they feel it, it all makes sense and it’s all worth it, again.

I am working as an independent film editor for more than 10 years. My base has mostly been French-speaking part of Switzerland. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work in many exciting and meaningful projects. Example, in Switzerland I worked with Lionel Baier. I spent time in Kosovo to edit Blerta Basholli’s movie “Hive”, which has been awarded in Sundance Festival 2021. Recently I edited the series “Délits Mineurs” for RTS. Apart from this, I have worked on films about almost everything from spies to a guy talking to a fish.

If you have something exciting for me to work on I would love to hear all about it.

For all other necessary details about my filmography and qualifications you can download the PDF below.

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