Corporate movie


A voice, almost mine

Directed by Natalia Gadzina, 21min, 2016

This short movie was made especially for Rilke Festival 2016. It tracks the poet’s journey in Valais during that time and the events that marked his poetic production in German and in French. It looks at the links he preserved with this region and mainly the landscape around Sierre.

The latter, revisited and filmed today, constitute the film’s footage, in addition to some archived documents from the 1920 till his death.

“A voice, almost mine” is a 21-minute short movie, with the voice of actor Stefanie Günther and Yves Raeber.The original violin music is by Anne-Thérèse Bieri.

Direction: Natalia Gadzina
Photography: Nicolas Veuthey
Editing: Félix Sandri