Documentary movie


52 minutes – VO french – format 16/9
A movie by Pierre-André Thiébaud

In March 2012, there was the 50th anniversary of the Evian’s agreement that put an end to Algeria’s war. The director had questions about the enlistment in Algeria and Indochina of the brother and the sister of his father. At the occasion of this remembrance, he tries to understand the activists, marked forever by their experience. In the context of cold war and decolonization, this movie tries to shed light on a piece of history that many people do not know about. .


Direction: Pierre-André Thiébaud
Research and script: Pierre-André Thiébaud
Journalist: Frédéric Fritscher
Direction assistant: Susannah Davies
Voice: Frank Semelet
Camera: Tristan Aymon
Joakim Chardonnens (2ème équipe)
Bertrand Martory (Paris)
Audio: Vincent Kappeler
Benjamin Laurent (Paris)
Original music composed by: Quentin Dujardin
featuring Jalal El Allouli
Agua music publishing © 2012

Scan photographs:
 Flora Thiébaud
Editing: Félix Sandri
Color correction: Daniel Maurer
Casa Azul Films

Audio mix: 
Blaise Pitteloud
Studio Viewzik

Production secretary: Li Wei
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