Fictional short movie

Faits divers

by Léon Yersin

fictional short movie, 2018, 18min

It is barely dawn when Gregor is woken up by the sound of the police knocking on his door. They need to use his balcony to access the apartment of his neighbour, whom no one has heard from for almost two years. The discovery of a rotting corpse will haunt Gregor for an entire day, which will prove crucial for the next stage of his life. Once night falls, it will no longer be possible to go back.

Directed by: Léon Yersin 

World Premiere: August 2018
Original Version: French (english subtitles), 18 min.

Production: Nouvelle Tribu, Haute école d’art et de design – Genève
Producer: Yasmine Abd El Aziz

Cinematography: Pierre-Hubert Martin
Editing: Félix Sandri
Location Sound Mix: Matthis Goldfain
Sound Design: Florian Pittet