Various musical video clips I edited




Clips musicaux


Cover of the song Feeling good (Nina Simone 1965) by Dida Guigan & Jacques Beaud (2020).

Born in Beyrouth, adopted in Switzerland, Dida Guigan sings and tells the different languages and cultures that live in her.

La Haine Sage & Wiiz Love

La Haine Sage and Wiiz Love with Spherical, pay tribute to Lausanne and its Neighbourhood.
It’s a 360° video supported with 3D audio (available on headphones). Compatible with a VR headset.


Three clips produced by Flyingwave (Geneva).
The camera was made by Leandro Monti for « Heartless », and by Robert Genillard for « Intimacy ».
The editing was made by Félix Sandri.


Promotional video clip for the Chimère party to the Romandie Club in Lausanne, organized by Marabout.