Fictional short movie


The Offer

By Moira Pitteloud

Fictional short movie, 13min, 2014

Sami will be thirty soon, and after a long job search he is finally invited for an interview. But with each new round of interviews, what was originally an attractive job offer from a Swiss intelligence agency brings increasing complications. His Algerian background is brought more into focus, and the question arises whether he is a suitable candidate because of his skills or because of his ethnicity. Sami must face not only his personal dilemma but also pressure from his friends and family. Though constructed on a simple foundation, The Offeris a telling probe into the issues facing people living in a multicultural society.


Directed by: Moïra Pitteloud
Written by: Moïra Pitteloud

World Premiere: November 2014
Original Version: French (english subtitles), colour, DCP, 13 min.

Production: Bord Cadre films Sàrl, Haute école d’art et de design – Genève
Producer: Dan Wechsler, Benjamin Corbat
Executive Producer: Benjamin Corbat, Dan Wechsler

Cinematography: Leandro Monti
Editing: Félix Sandri
Sound Design: Philippe Ciompi
Rerecording Sound Mix: Philippe Ciompi
Art Direction: Rabah Moulay
Costumes: Éliane Hakizimana