6 episodes series


Minor Offence

by Nicole Borgeat

6 episodes series, 312min, 2023

Juvenile Court, Geneva. Three women struggle to give hope to young people in difficulty. But a murder will change the situation and place them in front of risky choices: lock up or trust?

PRODUCTION – Alva Film, Hélicotronc, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse
PRODUCER – Britta Rindelaub, Thomas Reichlin
DIRECTED BY – Nicole Borgeat
WRITTEN BY – Nicole Borgeat, Jacqueline Surchat, Alain Berliner (in collaboration with)
CINEMATOGRAPHY – Yoann Suberviolle
EDITING – Félix Sandri, Véronique Rotelli
SOUND EDITING – Valérie Le Docte
PRODUCTION DESIGN – Catherine Cosme, Julia Irribarria
COSTUMES – Isa Bourchalat, Eleonore Cassaigneau

Marie Gillain as Gabrielle Favre
Noémie Schmidt as Anaïs Joly
Assa Sylla as Kadi Keïta
Laurent Desponds as Ben Petitpierre
Stéphane Eros as Marek Bruchez
Christophe Sermet as Sébastien Monney
Cassandre Oes as Stella Delgado
Elias Palma as Santiago Giraldo
Arcadi Radeff as Ivo Delchev
Leon David Salazar as Luca Mazzone